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October 27th 2002

Work has begun on our debut album proper, which we imagine will surface sometime next year. For any of you too impatient to wait, a live album will be appearing in the near future. Mastering has only just been completed, so details are still sketchy. What we can say is, this will be a double CD release with 2 hours of live material and will appear on the Greek label, Absurd in January 2003 at the earliest.

Due to the usual cost and time restrictions, we are unable to run our sister Peripheral website any longer. All relevant information can be found on this website.


September 23rd 2002

Our debut album (if it can be called that) is out now in a frustratingly limited edition of 10 CDRs on our Peripheral Conserve label. The album is called, '1093 Budapest IX., Lónyay u. 7., Magyarország (22.09.2002 19.45-20.52)' and consists of one 67 minute track, a real-time recording of 10 CD-sized cakes being cooked. The title refers to the place, date and time of recording. Each of the 10 CDRs come with one of the cakes from the recording session sealed in a specially labelled plastic wrapper. Due to the necessary immediacy of the project, we could only burn-up a very low number of CDRs and cakes which had to be posted off this morning if one is to avoid an upset stomach. If you aren't one of the lucky ten who will get to eat and hear our debut album, there is a chance of hearing it on Budapest's Tilos Radio website. Tilos Radio have been hosting a succession of Sonic Catering nights every Sunday from 23.00 to midnight for the past three weeks and last night, we delivered the track for them literally still warm from the oven. Each broadcast is downstreamable only for a week after broadcast at under the No Wave section.

Two other releases are also just out: 'I've never thought you would had done it ...'(sic) (a wedding compilation) is just that and is on the Italian Rossbin label, available through Sound323 in the UK and Anomalous Records in the States. A few months back we gave Rossbin a track for a compilation album to commemorate the wedding of the label's founders. The result is a 2 minute piece called 'Sugar Nocturne' which predictably enough has all its source sounds culled from the cooking of a wedding cake. The compilation is on a limited run of 100 CDRs and also features: Tu m', Ferran Fages, Archery Target, Mark Wastell, Howard Stelzer/Jason Talbot, Alfredo Costa Monteiro, Logoplasm, John Hudak, Brent Gutzeit, Wheaton Research and Jason Kahn.

Not quite Sonic Catering, but still a release on our label: 'Purely Practical' by The Bohman Brothers is available now as a 7" single in a run of 150. The single features two tracks, 'Purely Practical' and 'Western Omelettes' which see the brothers eschewing the improv delirium of their Rossbin album, 'A Twist for all Pockets' for spoken word delirium. 'Purely Practical' is a DIY mantra unlike anything we've heard and 'Western Omelettes' is the Bohmans in the Wild West against their own sonic catering backdrop. The single is available either through Anomalous Records in the States or through the Bohmans themselves every Monday night at The Bonnington Centre in Vauxhall, London, where if you're lucky enough, you might catch them performing a live and bewildering rendition of 'Purely Practical.'

We should also add that with great regret, we are unable to put out Carphology Collective's equally bewildering 12" 'Moving a Pile of Bricks (three feet to the left and back again)' as promised back in February this year.

Due to a longer absence than usual from our website, there is quite an amount of news to get through: the foremost being our coming out the closet or in this case, the pantry. After six years of anonymous formality, we're finally coming round to introducing ourselves. We are: Colin Fletcher, Tim Kirby and Peter Strickland. Revolving around the above core line-up lie others who have on occasion assisted, designed, constructed, produced, engineered, recorded, performed and cooked for us. Sadie Boor, Chris Britton, Peter Corbas, Ádám Csenger, Jozef Cseres, Emma Dennis, Jon Fletcher, John Forrester, Clive Graham, Dan Hayhurst, Alex Holmes, Horton Jupiter, Vivian Orszagh, Graham Padmore, Colin Potter, Zsolt Sõrés, Esther Tóth, Pál Tóth and Philothei Tzouvelis all deserve a long overdue mention. All future Sonic Catering releases will have a list of 'personnel' attached in what is, we guess, Phase 2 of our catering career. We know we were supposed to split-up by now, only we changed our minds.

The other significant change over the past six months is that our records are currently only available from the States. We are no longer with Cargo Records and our only fixed distribution outlet is through Anomalous Records , PO Box 22195, Seattle, WA 98122-0195, USA., This only applies to anything released on our Peripheral Conserve label.

That's enough for now. More news is promised in the very near future.


March 21st 2002

The Sonic Catering Band's Peripheral label now has its own website:


February 22nd 2002

Artificial Additives finally gets a re-release in April this year.

The third and final split single (this time with, They Came from the Stars; I Saw Them) also sees the light of day in May. Two tracks, Disco Brunch and The Holy Mountain will be released as a 12" double-A side in an edition of 500. Disco Brunch sees The Sonic Catering Band delving into the oven of the spheres via the preparation and cooking of a cosmic vegetable crêpe dish. The Holy Mountain by They Came from the Stars; I Saw Them is a 24 minute altitudinal odyssey. Members from both bands consumed the cosmic crêpes during the recording and mixing of their respective tracks.

As the band are relocating to Budapest, Hungary, there will be an inevitable hiatus in sonic catering. The band's Peripheral label will be issuing other recordings in this interim period. First up will be a 12" by Carphology, the latest project from ex-Piano Magician, Dominic Chennell. Later in the year, London's legendary Bohman Brothers will be unleashing their distinctive brand of improv. More details to follow. Please note, due to our reliance on friends' floors, there is no current postal address. Contact is restricted to for the forseeable future.

Most Sonic Catering recordings can now be accessed through The British Library's National Sound Archive;


December 11th 2001

The 'Apotheosis' CD containing 'Kitchen Utensil Ploy' and 'Interculinary Dimension' will be available just after Christmas, free with the Winter 2001 issue of Things magazine. The dry sounds that the two tracks are derived from can be downloaded from sometime in January for anyone to use. More details can be found at the website.

Finally, we would like to wish our readers a Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year.


November 15th 2001

To view the 57 different disc labels from the recent 'Frostbite' single, please visit the Discography.


October 18th 2001

The Sonic Catering shift at 'La Bricole' in Geneva will now be from 6pm to 2am on Friday November 9th 2001. More details on the Geneva performances and the gallery single at or phone the Forde Gallery at +41 22 321 68 22.

The ever trusty Morphy Richards have again sponsored the forthcoming soundtrack to 'The Exterminating Angel,' with a bountiful supply of culinary electronics. A big salute to the kitchen maestros and to Annabel at Saffron PR for the generosity.


October 1st 2001

The Sonic Catering Band will no longer be performing live after Geneva. The final performances will be at The Forde Gallery (Forde Espace d'Art Contemporain. 4 Place des Volontaires Genève. Switzerland) on Thursday November 8th from 7pm onwards (free entrance). The following day, the Band will disappear into the kitchens of the nearby "La Bricole" restaurant from 5pm - 9pm. Entrance again is free, though patrons will be expected to order a meal which they can hear being prepared while they wait.

Due to legal problems with the rights to 'La Grande Bouffe,' the Band will now be performing a soundtrack to Luis Buñuel's 1962 Spanish masterpiece, 'The Exterminating Angel' as part of the EATOMSK event at Toynbee Studios, 28 Commercial Street, London E1 6LS (Aldgate East/Liverpool St. tube) 020 7613 3001. The event will run from 6pm to midnight. Entrance is £7/£6.

Two new specially commissioned tracks ('Kitchen Utensil Ploy' ; 'Interculinary Dimension') which accompany a short story, 'Apotheosis' by Hildi Hawkins, will be available on a free mini-CD with the Winter 2001 issue of 'Things' - a journal/magazine about objects, their histories and meanings. More information can be found at The Winter issue will be available from December in specialist bookstores across the UK and a few outlets in the States. Copies sell at £7.50 and can also be ordered from Things, PO Box 10632, London SW3 4AF, UK.


August 21st 2001

Live dates for both Geneva and the soundtrack to 'La Grande Bouffe' in London have been confirmed.

The live soundtrack to Marco Ferreri's 'La Grande Bouffe' is part of the London Arts funded EATOMSK event at Toynbee Hall, Commercial Street, London E1 on Sunday October 21st.

The Geneva event is at the Forde Gallery, (Forde Espace d'Art Contemporain, 4 Place des Volontaires, Geneva, Switzerland) on Thursday November 8th. To commemorate the event, a track entitled, 'Frostbite' has been specially recorded and will be available as a one-sided seven-inch clear-vinyl single in an edition of only 57, available exclusively from the Forde Gallery. Each edition of the single will have different artwork on the disc label of the playing side, ranging from paintings to mini-sculptures. The single is meant to hang on the wall and will come without a sleeve. The band also plan a residency at a yet to be confirmed restaurant during their stay in Geneva.


August 12th 2001

All copies of the current pressing of 'Artificial Additives' have been withdrawn due to legal problems with an uncleared sample. An amended re-pressing will hopefully be available sometime in the near future.


July 17th 2001

We would like to congratulate Roz Leach from England, Erik Holm from Canada and Thao Tran from the United States - the winners of the Sonic Catering competition hosted by Pulp's website.


June 29th 2001

A new track, entitled 'Disco Brunch' has just been completed for a third split single. This time round, 'They Came from the Stars; I Saw Them' will be sharing a double A-side with The Sonic Catering Band. A release won't be likely until the new year.

Geneva's Gallerie Forde will be hosting a Sonic Catering night sometime in October 2001 (date to be confirmed). As well as hauling their blender flight cases over to Switzerland, the band will also be working on a very limited one-track Gallery Edition 7" to commemorate the event. More to follow.

Pulp's official website will be very kindly hosting a Sonic Catering competition in which various goodies are up for grabs. A free copy of the First Supper box-set along with the accompanying Artificial Additives remix CD is up for grabs. All relevant details can be found at in the very near future.

Buyers in the States can now purchase their Sonic Catering supplies at an affordable price through Anomalous Records. All relevant information can be found at or write to PO Box 22195, Seattle, WA 98122-0195, USA.


June 12th 2001

The Sonic Catering Band will be performing at the 291 Gallery, (291 Hackney Road, London E2) on Tuesday 26th June at 8pm as part of the 'Peachy' 2 day art exhibition. For more information on the event, contact Lisa Jensen at the 291 Gallery 020 7613 5676.


June 8th 2001

Artificial Additives will be available from Monday 2nd July 2001


June 4th 2001

On Tuesday June 12th, The Sonic Catering Band will be getting out their record collections again for a DJ set at London's Herbal Club in Shoreditch from 9pm - 2am.


May 12th 2001

The vastly delayed run of pizza boxes to house the First Supper records in are finally available free with Edition 5 - 'The Sonic Catering Band ... hit Denny's.' Each pizza box is custom-made to fit the 10" format and has the Sonic Catering logo hand-sprayed onto it.
The release of 'Bodypop' has been put back to May 29th.


April 20th 2001

Bodypop, the split single with Saloon on the Glamour Puss label will be out on May 14th 2001 in an edition of 500 seven inch records. To coincide with the release, The Sonic Catering Band are performing with Saloon in Brighton on Friday May 18th and London on Saturday May 26th. The Brighton event is at The Freeboat, 1 Phoenix Place, BN1 (near St Peter's Church). Entry is £3 (£2 UB40/NUS) and doors open at 8pm. The London event is at Notting Hill Arts Club, 21 Notting Hill Gate, W11 as part of Rough Trade's RoTa evenings. Entry is free and doors open at 4pm.

On Sunday October 21st 2001 as part of the London Arts funded OMSK food event, The Sonic Catering Band are performing a live soundtrack to Marco Ferrari's rarely seen 70's cult classic, 'La Grande Bouffe.' Vegetarian variations of the film's dishes will be cooked onstage (to be served to the audience) and miked-up to create an appropriate soundtrack to all the onscreen glutonny and fornication. Venue, price and time is yet to be confirmed.


April 3rd 2001

The Sonic Catering Band are putting in a rare DJ appearance on the 12th of April 2001 at The Rocket (166 - 220 Holloway Rd, N7 8DB) in London as part of The Space Education Council's 40th anniversary celebration of Yuri Gagarin's epic journey to become the first man in space. Other DJs include Barry 7 from Add N to (X); DJ Vadim and The Karminsky Experience. Films and visuals are from Blue Sunshine and Kino. To find out about similar events all over the world for the 40th anniversary, please look up: . Tickets are £8 in advance (£6 NUS) only from Tickets on the door are £10 (£8 NUS). Doors open at 21.00 and the night will come to a close at 02.00


March 10th 2001

Nurse with Wound have just completed a Sonic Catering remix, entitled, 'Hindu Monastery Breakfast.' The track will appear on The Sonic Catering Band's forthcoming remix album, 'Artificial Additives' due for release in early June 2001. The album will have a limited run of 1000 CDs on the band's own Peripheral label, and will feature original artwork by Nurse with Wound's Babs Santini. The full rosta of remixers is as follows:

The Sonic Catering Band - Supplementary Phase
Nish - Foiegras
They Came from the Stars; I Saw Them - Cosmic Seafood Fusion
Greg Kurcewicz & Dan Hayhurst - Composition No 1
Clear Spot - Flavour X
en-eye - Audio Noodles (Bombay Mix)
Nurse with Wound - Hindu Monastery Breakfast
Clare Connors - Grace


February 10th 2001

The fifth and final edition of The First Supper 10" series - The Sonic Catering Band ... hit Denny's is now available at Denny's itself. The famous chefs' outfitters in Soho, London are stocking copies of the single at £4.99 each along with their usual eclectic brand of chef wear that the Band fully endorse. Denny's are at 55A Dean Street, Soho, London W1D 6AG


January 2nd 2001

The First Supper: Edition 3 (Main Course) aka 'The Sonic Catering Band ... pay tribute to the Heimlich Maneouvre' 10" single will finally be released on 22 January on the band's own Peripheral label. This single will be a continuation of the previous First Supper releases/courses from last year and will be followed shortly by Editions 4, 'The Sonic Catering Band ... open the Electronic Lunchbox' (late February) and 5, 'The Sonic Catering Band ... hit Denny's (late March). For more information about these or previous First Supper releases, please contact Cargo Distribution at

The Band have just completed work on a new track, Bodypop, which consists entirely of one heavily effects-laden popcorn sample ping-ponged around the mixing desk. The track is to be the second in the Band's double A-side 7" series with other artists. The electronic pop band, Saloon contribute a track called, Impact, for the other side. Bodypop is released in late April 2001 on the Glamourpuss label, in an edition of 500 seven inch singles.


December 13th 2000

The Band's previous split Christmas single with Michael Prime on the Rund Um den Watzmann label has now sold out.


October 4th 2000

On Saturday October 14th 2000, the Band will perform two live sets at Notting Hill's Tabernacle Arts Centre at Powis Square, Notting Hill, London W11. The free gig is part of the annual London Food Film Fiesta and will be sponsored by kitchen appliance maestros, Morphy Richards. The first set will consist of a twenty minute high velocity piece, in which the Band wire-up their usual array of hobs and blenders whilst serving food to the audience. For the second set, the Band will mike-up the Tabernacle kitchen for a long duration piece, coinciding with a cookery demonstration by chef, Peter Gordon.

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